Texas Tech University

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+)

The Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA+) offers an authentic approach to the improvement of teaching and learning in higher education through a continuous improvement model, and recognizes faculty as central actors in educational improvement efforts. The CLA+ assists faculty, department chairs, school administrators and others interested in programmatic change to improve teaching and learning, particularly with respect to strengthening higher order skills. For more information go to the CLA+ Website

  • The CLA+ includes Performance and Analytic Writing Tasks meant to measure analytic reasoning and evaluation, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics, and problem solving.
  • “Performance Tasks ask students to complete a ‘real life' activity, such as preparing a memo or policy recommendation.”
  • “The Analytic Writing Task contains two types of essay prompts: a Make-an Argument section in which students are asked to take a position and craft a persuasive argument and a Critique-an-Argument section which requires students to identify and describe logical flaws in a given argument.”

Office of Planning and Assessment