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April 2021 OPA Blog

Don't Lose 1% of Your Funding!
– HB2504 and SB810 Updates

You may be familiar with HB2504, but it stands for House Bill 2504, and stipulates that Texas Tech, and other Texas institutions, must provide transparency by publicly listing:

    1. undergraduate syllabi;
    2. faculty education; and
    3. relevant scholarly activity

But you probably don't know about SB810, or Senate Bill 810, or the fact that failure to comply with SB810 could result in a state-mandated 1% funding cut for those found to be out of compliance!

SB810 changes how HB2504 operates by removing the stipulation that syllabi are only for undergraduate courses. This could mean that you have to upload a syllabus when you may not have previously.

Any new task can be frustrating, so we at OPA want to provide some resource if this Senate Bill passes. If you've never uploaded a syllabus to Digital Measures, please take a moment to review some resources:

Summer 1 Deadline: June 10th

Summer 2 Deadline: July 14th

Fall Deadline: August 31st

As of right now, SB810 has not yet passed, but we will be sure to communicate in more detail if it does!  Thank you, and feel free to reach out to OPA by emailing opa.support@ttu.edu if you have any questions.

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