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December 2020 OPA Blog

Digital Measures in 2021: Annual Report Customizations

Annual Faculty Reports season is fast-approaching, and OPA is ready to support you how best we can!  We have already begun updating records and templates for the 2021 AFR season, so be sure to get your customizations in as soon as possible. 

The previous year has shown us new areas of focus, and as a result, departments are requesting updates to Annual Faculty Reports to reflect additional commentary, primarily for modality changes as a result of COVID-19.  We are happy to be rolling out reports and to see the changes are well thought-out and meaningful, including:

  • Core values screen: The School for Veterinary Medicine has implemented a new screen to allow for reflection on core values. We have the ability to add screens, questions, or other customizations that may be helpful in the upcoming evaluation cycle.
  • COVID Impacts screen: by request, we have developed a COVID Impacts screen, which stores a text-based set of questions for faculty to describe impacts, failures, and successes for storage and representation in your AFR. If your college is interested, let us know and we can open access to this screen for your faculty.
  • Qualitative text answers may now import in the AFR. Similar to the COVID Impacts screen, we have worked with the College of Media and Communications and the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources to alter faculty reports to bring in open-ended questions.
  • We have also updated the videos on the OPA website to match our website redesign! In particular

We know that the past year has been one of change and transformation, and as we complete this chapter of 2020, we hope to be available and helpful as you complete annual faculty reports, and as we prepare the SACSCOC Fifth-Year Report.  Have a safe and restful Holiday Season!

Office of Planning and Assessment