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July 2020 OPA Blog

Assessment Expectations for October 1, 2020

Like you, our world in OPA looks a lot different now compared to just a few months ago. We're learning new software, and we're also learning how to work effectively online. It has definitely been a growing experience for all of us. Like you, we spend much of our days in online meetings, while we prepare documentation for our upcoming SACSCOC Fifth Year Report.

Our office has received a number of questions and concerns over the past few months, and so I thought I would address these in our July blog post. Many of these questions are also discussed in our monthly 1-Minute Video, which you can find here:

First, we expect that assessment data will look much differently when you compile your department's assessment report. Perhaps you had plans to execute a new posttest in Spring 2020, and COVID -19 interrupted your plans. Or, you had plans to gather data after Spring Break, and COVID-19 made that impossible. You might have even collected data in early Spring 2020, but the faculty member in charge of data analysis may have moved on to a new role outside of Texas Tech. So, please know that OPA expects and anticipates that assessment data will look much different.

Second, we encourage you to report your assessment results with the highest integrity. If you and your colleagues were unable to execute your assessment plan due to unforeseen circumstances, it is absolutely acceptable to document that in Nuventive Improve.

Third, we will continue to uphold our standard October 1 deadline. This deadline should cover the reporting period for Fall 19, Spring 20, and Summer 20 (if applicable). We do not expect to extend the deadline at this point in time. If you feel that you need an extension, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

Again, we're here to support you and your faculty during this unpredictable time. We wish you good health, and our office looks forward to reuniting with you someday soon!

With gratitude,


Office of Planning and Assessment