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September 2020 OPA Blog

3 Tips for Completing Your 2019 - 2020 Assessment Report

As you complete your upcoming assessment report, due October 1, 2020, our office wants to provide three helpful tips.

First, don't forget the importance of the Nuventive Improve Home tab.  This tab tells you, at a glance, how many student learning outcomes, assessment methods, results, actions for improvement, and follow-up actions you have currently documented.  Remember that all of these components constitutes a complete assessment report, so if you're ever questioning whether your report is “done,” take a look at the home tab to make sure there aren't any missing elements. If you have any missing elements, they would be indicated by a zero.

Nuventive Home Button Location

Second, don't forget to include related documents in your assessment report.  Relating documents to your assessment report helps to provide a well-rounded picture of your assessment report, and these documents also help to substantiate your degree program's assessment process.  Related documents can be redacted examples of student work, de-identified assessment data, rubrics, assignments, and many other types of documents that contribute to telling your story. To relate a document to your assessment results, simply click on the green wrench right next to the Related Documents tool.

Nuventive Related Documents Location

Third, please take a minute to peruse the personnel that have been assigned to your degree program.  Are there personnel who have moved on from Texas Tech who no longer need access to this degree program?  Are there personnel who may have previously prepared an assessment report but no longer have this responsibility?  If you have changes to make to your personnel list, please mail those changes to me at jennifer.s.hughes@ttu.edu

Nuventive Personnel Check Image

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