Texas Tech University

September 2021 OPA Blog

Welcome back to campus!

We know that this is certainly an unprecedented time in our nation and world.  Here in OPA, we're happy to see faculty back on campus and we look forward to meeting with you face-to-face and/or online. I wanted to take a moment to remind you of three important information items from our office:

  • First, October 1 2021 remains the same deadline date to submit your Fall 2020-Spring 2021 assessment report.  You will submit this assessment report in Nuventive Improve, just as you've always done.  Don't forget to include actions for improvement and follow-up statements!  Now is the time to be thinking about these reflection pieces.  
  • Second, SACSCOC requires that institutions submit a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) every five years.  OPA will soon launch an initiative to define the new QEP, which will begin in 2025.  Texas Tech successfully completed two QEPs: “Do the Right Thing: A Conversation on Ethics” from 2005-2010 and “Communicating in a Global Society” 2015-2020.  We will begin surveying campus constituents to help identify the next QEP topic.
  • Third, we have changed our Program Assessment Review (PAR) process for providing feedback to degree programs.  In the past, we reviewed all undergraduate and graduate degree program assessment reports. To provide more robust feedback to degree programs, we provided feedback to undergraduate programs in Summer 2021.  In Summer 2022, we will provide feedback to graduate programs.  This new rotation allows our staff to provide more directed and targeted feedback to degree programs.

Thanks for your support of our office, and we wish you a smooth Fall 2021 semester!

Office of Planning and Assessment