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Requesting Reports

There are two main types of reports in Faculty Success. Template reports and ad hoc reports. An ad hoc or “on-demand” report allows a user to extract any data from FS, if the user has access to the report or faculty for which the report is being run. 

Full list of Faculty Success metrics available here. 

A template report is designed with logic and specific metrics in mind. Typically a template report will be used multiple times or on a set schedule, such as per term or throughout the term. An example of this may be the HB2504 Missing Syllabi report, which is run many times across campus during HB2504 syllabus deadline periods.  

The following document has been developed to assist stakeholders in approaching OPA with an idea of what we will need to create your report in a quick an efficient manner. Report requests may have a unique and straightforward outcome for your uses, but OPA frequently shares ideas, templates, and procedures with other departments and colleges to reduce redundancy in reports and metrics in FS. By filling out this document and sending it to OPA, we will reach out to you with confirmation and further clarifying questions, if needed.

Faculty Success Report Request

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Graduate Student Information

The Graduate School and OPA have collaborated to develop expand Faculty Success to provide relevant reporting metrics for departments, colleges, and TTU upper administration.  All graduate students should have an account soon, but for troubleshooting issues, please contact opa.support@ttu.edu.

Faculty Success has a primary goal of providing relevant credentialing information for the purposes of Texas House Bill 2504 and for our accrediting bodies in a succinct and reportable manner. By adding graduate students to the platform, higher-level reporting and emphasis on graduate work can be exported and counted for a higher degree of reporting accuracy and recognition of our burgeoning graduate student body.

The added benefit of having students in the platform is that faculty can directly link publications to student researchers, but also, students are able to enter their publications, awards, fellowships, and other relevant academic accolades. By keeping Faculty Success updated, a student who becomes an instructor at TTU will already be compliant for their new role, and if they go to another university that utilizes Faculty Success, we can transfer most information, saving time in the future. We can also generate a pdf of all user data for their records upon request.

OPA manages the Faculty Success software from a contextual, strategic, and technical perspective. OPA may assist with technical issues or walkthroughs, but for content-related questions and requirements, The Graduate School of TTU or your department chair may be better able to assist and communicate department- or college-specific requirements.


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