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Assessment Innovation Grant

Applying for the Grant:

The Office of Planning and Assessment is pleased to announce the Assessment Innovation Grant (AIG) award. This award is available to faculty and staff who are actively engaged in assessment activities within their department or unit. Our office proudly supports your efforts to improve assessment methodologies, and we encourage you to submit your application for consideration. 

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2020 Assessment Innovation Grant Award Winners 

OPA is pleased to announce the winner's of this year's Assessment Innovation Grant. We awarded five $500 grants to individuals who demonstrated a commitment to innovative assessment practices within their department. This year's winners are:

University Studies:
Dr. Marcus Tanner, Director of Academic Programs; Assistant Professor of Practice

Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures:
Dr. Raychel Vasseur, Assistant Professor; Director of Spanish Foundations

Psychological Sciences:
Dr. Sarah Victor, Assistant Professor
Dr. Jason Van Allen, Associate Professor; Director of Clinical Training
Dr. Andrew Littlefield, Associate Professor; Director of Clinical Training

Curriculum and Instruction:
Dr. Jeong-Hee Kim, Professor; Department Chair
Dr. Mihwa Park, Assistant Professor
Dr. Aaron Zimmerman, Assistant Professor

Nutritional Sciences:
Ms. Lydia Kloiber, Associate Professor of Practice; Associate Chair
Dr. Nikhil Dhurandhar, Chairperson; Professor

Office of Planning and Assessment