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Operating Policy and Procedure

OP 30.23: Institutional Surveys and Official Reports

DATE: March 10, 2020

PURPOSE: The purpose of this Operating Policy/Procedure (OP) is to institute a standardized approach in the production, review, and retention of surveys and reports at TTU.

REVIEW: This OP will be reviewed in June of even-numbered years by the Managing Director of Institutional Research (IR) and the Managing Director of the Office of Communications and Marketing with substantive revisions forwarded to the Office of the CIO and then to the President.


The following procedures will ensure a more accurate and timely response to the completion of surveys submitted to academic departments and areas of TTU.

1.    The Office Institutional Research (IR) is responsible for providing all general and statistical information concerning TTU for all surveys, including published reports that pertain to the entire institution. Surveys concerning only one department should be handled by that department and are exempt from this OP. However, when preparing surveys, reports, and internal studies, departments, if possible, should use data from official university sources such as Accounting Services for financial information, Research Services for grants, and IR for student and faculty information.

2.    All surveys requesting information about the institution should be sent to IR for completion.

3.    The Office of IR will submit all surveys that ask for other than statistical data to the Office of Communications for completion and/or review. The Office of Communications and Marketing will be responsible for providing all non-statistical information for institutional surveys.

4.    The Office of IR and the Office of Communications and Marketing will coordinate the review of appropriate surveys with the President's Office prior to the completion and release of the surveys.

5.    Copies of final versions of all surveys, questionnaires, and official reports will be submitted to IR for storage in its depository.

6.    Copies of official reports such as those prepared by Accounting Services on financial matters, Research Services on grants, Institutional Advancement on fundraising, and Institutional Research on enrollments or other data on students or faculty should be sent to IR for storage.

Those offices receiving surveys should be aware that the above procedures will lengthen the amount of time necessary to complete surveys. Interoffice procedures should be adopted to ensure quick forwarding of surveys (within two business days of receiving, if possible).

IR is responsible for monitoring and reporting on the survey process.

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