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Volume 16, Issue 6

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Save the date for Family Weekend 2017

Family Weekend 2017 will be Friday,September 29th - Saturday, September 30th, 2017, as Texas Tech football takes on the Oklahoma State Cowboys. Activities will begin on Friday evening of the weekend. Stay tuned to familyweekend.ttu.edu and the Texas Tech Family Weekend Facebook page for more information as the date gets closer. Football and event tickets are now on sale.

Book hotel rooms quickly, as they will fill up for the weekend.  Visit www.texastechparents.org for information about discounted hotel rooms.

A tradition at Texas Tech since 1936, Family Weekend is a wonderful time to visit campus and reconnect with your student! The Texas Tech campus is beautiful in the fall, and there are many activities for families to enjoy during the weekend. We hope you and your family will join us!

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Parent Pulse Poll

Each month, Parent & Family Relations will conduct a Parent & Family Pulse Poll—a brief poll about Texas Tech parent and family experiences. We will share our poll results each month online. Here is the link to this month's poll about Health Care.

For past poll results visit Parent & Family Pulse Polls.

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Severe Weather Tips

The most common months for severe weather, including tornadoes, in the Lubbock area are May and June. Make sure your student is prepared for severe weather. Here are some tips provided by Texas Tech's Emergency Communications department: http://www.depts.ttu.edu/communications/emergency/tornadoes.php/

Make sure your student has his or her contact information updated in the TechAlert! system. Students can update their information here: www.emergencyalert.ttu.edu.

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Summer at the Rec Center

Is your student in Lubbock for the summer? IF(s)he is enrolled in classes that meet on campus, the Rec Center fee should be on the tuition bill and they have access to the Rec Center. If (s)he is enrolled in online classes, the Rec Center fee will NOT be on the bill and they must come to the Rec Center Office to buy a membership--$50 for each summer session (or can pay the entire $100 at one time). If (s)he is not taking classes but is enrolled for the Fall, they can come to the Rec Center Office and buy a membership—same fees as mentioned above. For more information call (806) 742-3351.

The 24th Annual 5K/1 mile Lunar Lope is Friday, June 9 at 10 pm. Run under a full moon. Loads of fun. All the info is at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/recsports/specialevents/lunarlope.php

The Rec is open all summer (including that great Leisure Pool) and we have fitness classes, personal trainers, massages, Intramural Sports, climbing at the Wall and Outdoor Shop rentals. Make sure your student comes by!

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Career Exploration with the University Career Center

Informational Interviews

Is your college student having trouble deciding on a major? Or do they have a major but are not quite sure what types of jobs are available that utilize this major? Summer is the perfect time for major and career exploration so encourage your student to set up an informational interview. An informational interview is a short meeting to learn about the real-life experience of someone working in a field or company.
Below is a list of possible questions that your student may want to ask during the informational interview:

Major Exploration

  • What about this major or area interests you?
  • What classes would you recommend to give me a real sense of this field of study?
  • What kinds of topics will I study in this major?
  • What skills will this major help me to develop?
  • Are there certain minors that would work well with this major?
  • Do careers in this field usually require education beyond an undergraduate degree?

Career Exploration

  • What drew you to this field?
  • What types of people do well in this field? Why types don't succeed?
  • What kinds of careers are available for students who graduate with this major?
  • Do you have any suggestions for internships or work experiences in this field?
  • Are there professional associations related to the field that I could join as a student?
  • Can you suggest someone else that I should contact, or anything else I should do to explore this field?

Remind your student that an informational interview is not a job interview and there should be no expectation of a job offer. This tool is for exploration purposes. Also, remind your student a hand written thank you is always appreciated.

Students can utilize the University Career Center even when they are not on campus. We offer phone and email appointments. The UCC is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Visit our website at www.careercenter.ttu.edu. To make an appointment, call 806-742-2210.

Encourage your student to login and watch upcoming webinars this summer. http://www.depts.ttu.edu/careercenter/webinars/index.php#June

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Student Disability Services

If you have a student that would benefit from support in college through Student Disability Services, please have your student apply for services at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/sds/.

Documentation can be uploaded along with the application, and any questions should be directed to sds@ttu.edu or 806-742-2405. If you have questions about the TECHniques Center program, please send an email to techniques.center@ttu.edu. Both Student Disability Services and the TECHniques Center will be represented at every Resource Fair during Red Raider Orientation, so come by and see us!

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Take Advantage of a TTAA Parent/Student Membership

Parents have the unique opportunity to stay connected with their students and Texas Tech by taking advantage of the Texas Tech Alumni Association (TTAA) Parent/Student membership at a discounted rate!

$25 Student Membership
+ $50 Parent Membership
$60 Parent and Student TTAA Membership (traditionally $75)

Sign up now and tailgate together at our exclusive member-only Frazier Alumni Pavilion every home football game. Parents, you don't have to be a Texas Tech graduate to be a TTAA member. Your spouse can also join you at no additional cost! With the joint membership, your student will be part of the Texas Tech Student Alumni Association—a great place to meet fellow Red Raiders and make lifelong connections.

Download the membership form. For more information, contact Laura Bixler at (806) 834-8718 or at laura.bixler@ttu.edu.

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For your complete Texas Tech news, visit Texas Tech Today

Keep up-to-date about everything Texas Tech by visiting Texas Tech Today, a complete news source for Texas Tech University.

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Are you coming to Red Raider Orientation this summer?

Are you attending Red Raider Orientation this summer? Parent & Family Relations will provide you with a copy of the Parent & Family Guide, conduct parent and family orientation presentations, and show you how to get involved. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Visit www.redraiderorientation.ttu.edu or call Red Raider Orientation at 806-742-2993 for information about Red Raider Orientation.

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Raider Ready: IS 1100 Course

RaiderReady: IS 1100 is a course designed to bridge the gap between high school and collegiate success. Students who enroll in this one-hour class can expect to learn and further develop note, studying, and test taking skills, academic professionalism, as well as stress management.

RaiderReady is an invaluable resource not only for the quality of skills our students learn, but also the relationships built while doing so. Allowing the students a place and faculty member to navigate freshman year creates success, and is evident in higher numbers of students returning for a second year in comparison to the university average.

For more information, visit http://www.depts.ttu.edu/raiderready/.

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Student Business Services important dates and deadlines

June 25, Sunday

  • Summer I Payment Plans due.
  • Summer I Book Loans due.

July 5, Wednesday

  • 95% payment of mandatory tuition and fees or enrollment in a payment plan due for Summer II. Registrations after this date require immediate payment or enrollment in a payment plan.

For more information, please visit Student Business Services at http://www.depts.ttu.edu/studentbusinessservices/

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Students planning to work on campus need original social security card

Is your student planning to get a new job on campus? Students who work on campus must bring their original Social Security Cards for human resources processing due to federal I-9 requirements. Remind your student to keep his or her social security card in a safe place.

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Is your student receiving scholarships from sources other than Texas Tech?

If your student is receiving scholarships from a source other than Texas Tech, for example, their high school, a civic organization, etc? Be sure they report them by going to http://www.depts.ttu.edu/scholarships/ and clicking on the trophy icon (report external awards).

Is your student receiving a scholarship for 1718 from Texas Tech University? Please be sure to get those thank you letters in ASAP!

You can follow TTU Financial Aid on Facebook and Twitter to get reminders and external scholarship information –new posts daily!

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Summer 2017 Commencement Schedule

If your student is graduating in August, congratulations! Below is the Summer Commencement schedule for Texas Tech University.

PLEASE NOTE: The colleges are listed below in alphabetical order and NOT necessarily in the order in which they will be recognized.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

9:00 a.m.
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
Arts & Sciences
Honors College
Media and Communication
Graduate School (schools listed above)

1:30 p.m.
Business Administration
Human Sciences
University Programs
Visual & Performing Arts
Wind Energy
Graduate School (schools listed above)

Texas Tech has a Commencement web site, which is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Commencement, including the schedule for upcoming ceremonies, lists of hotels (which sell out quickly!), parking information, and information about ordering invitations and photos of the big day.

Bookmark this site for all of your Commencement needs: https://www.depts.ttu.edu/provost/commencement/

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SOAR Learning Center empowers students in pursuits of success

The SOAR Learning Center's mission is to empower students in their pursuit towards academic success while providing an encouraging and safe learning environment. The Learning Center works to enhance the academic endeavors of all currently enrolled Texas Tech students by offering a variety of free services such as peer & online tutoring, academic mentoring, and supplemental instruction. Tutoring and academic mentoring is available Monday through Thursday from 8am-8pm and Friday 8am-5pm.

An additional resource available to students at the Learning Center is access to a licensed professional counselor with over 25 years in education. Stacy Elliot, M.Ed., LPC is a LEARNING SPECIALIST/SENIOR COUNSELOR available to work holistically with students striving to be successful in college. As a counselor, she works to help students resolve personal issues that may hinder their academic success. The Learning Specialist is available Monday through Friday 8am-5pm by appointments and accepts walk-ins.

The SOAR Learning Center is located in Holden Hall Room 80 and our office number is (806)742-3664. Visit us at www.lc.soar.ttu.edu.

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Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite

When you were little, your mom may have tucked you in at night saying "Don't let the bed bugs bite," but do you know the truth behind bed bugs and what you can do to prevent them from biting you or your student?

Bed Bugs are a small, reddish-brown insect with a flat oval shaped body. They grow to a size slightly smaller than a lady bug and are attracted to heat produced by your body. While bed bugs don't exclusively live on beds, they generally live on soft surfaces such as bedding, clothing, backpacks, luggage, and furniture.

Over the past few years, changes in pesticides and increases in international travel have contributed to the rise of bed bugs in the U.S. Lubbock is no exception from the national trend, with bed bugs found in motels, high end hotels, movie theatres, libraries, offices, private homes, off campus apartments, and residence halls. Contrary to popular belief, bed bug infestations are not an indicator of poor hygiene.

With the prevalence of bed bugs across the country, it's easy to pick up a little hitchhiking critter and bring it home with you. It's important to know that the longer bed bugs go untreated by a professional exterminator, the worse the problem becomes and the harder it becomes to eradicate them. Below are some helpful tips for you and your student on how you can help prevent the transfer of bed bugs.

Can a bed bug hurt me or my student?

Bed bugs are likely to be drawn out by your body heat at night as you lay in bed. As a bug looks for food, it may bite you in your sleep, releasing a salivary fluid that can irritate the skin. Although bed bug bites can cause severe itching, they are relatively harmless. Bed bugs are not known to carry or transmit any blood borne diseases or illnesses.

What can I do to prevent bed bug infestation?

• Do not buy, or pick up, used furniture from unknown people, such as garage sales, online biding sites, or the side of the road. If you do buy soft furniture from someone, be sure to inspect the seams to look for bugs before bringing it inside.
• Each time you travel, inspect your luggage before bringing it back into your home. This is especially true for international trips when bed bugs are most prevalent.
• Launder clothes and sheets as soon as possible after a trip. Be sure to dry them for 30 minutes. The heat from the dryer can kill any bugs or eggs that may have ended up on your belongings. In the summer, leaving luggage in a hot car can also help kill bed bugs.
• Watch your students backpack, and the backpacks of any friends that may be visiting.
• Declutter. Bugs like to hide out of sight, so eliminating piles of clothes can help keep them away.
• Clean regularly. Vacuum crevices and upholstery regularly.

What does Texas Tech do to help prevent the spread of bed bugs on campus?

• University Student Housing produces various educational items to help teach your student what to look for, and how to prevent the spread of bed bugs. You may also wish to talk with your student about precautions they can take.

• All residence hall mattresses feature a protective covering that helps deter bed bugs from making a home. Additionally, residence halls are frequently inspected and treated for all insects by a professional extermination company.

What happens if my student thinks they have found a beg bug?
• If your student lives off campus, encourage them to speak with their leasing company or landlord about what the protocol is for bed bugs. In many cases, students may have signed a bed bug addendum as a portion of their contract that highlights proper protocol. Be sure to have your student read their contract thoroughly, as they may be financially responsible for extermination fees at off-campus properties.

• In the event that bed bugs are found in a student room in a residence hall, students are encouraged to tape the bug to a white sheet of paper, seal it in a plastic bag, and show that to residence hall staff. Hall staff will notify the appropriate personnel to have the room inspected and treated. Depending on the situation, treatments may include both a heat treatment and/or a pesticide spray. Students may be temporarily relocated as their room is treated by extermination professionals. While the room is being treated, students may be asked to leave personal items in the room so those items can also be heated, and to avoid transfer of bugs to other locations.

What can I do to learn more about bed bugs?

To learn more about how to protect your and your student from these pesky insects, visit http://housing.ttu.edu/reslife/bedbugs or https://www.cdc.gov/parasites/bedbugs/.

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Living Off Campus - Common Pitfalls

Is your student living off campus or considering living off campus? Be sure to read Common Pitfalls when it comes to living off campus.

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Consider renters insurance for your student whether they are living on or off campus

Most landlords do not require the tenant to have renters insurance. All landlords deny liability for any damages to your personal property caused by water, smoke, or fire. Student Legal Services highly recommends any student, living off campus or on-campus, to obtain renters insurance. Renters insurance is a cost effective way to replace damaged property. Speak with your insurance representative to discuss your options.

If you or your student has any other questions about renters insurance please call 806-742-3289 or visit www.depts.ttu.edu/sls/.

College Renters Insurance offers coverage starting at $5,000 with a $100 deductible. Coverage for your personal property starts as low as $12 per month.

Visit www.CollegeRentersPlan.com/ttu to see all of the coverage options available or call (866) 572-1617.

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Summer I academic and event calendar

May 30, Tuesday

95% payment of mandatory tuition and fees or enrollment in a payment plan due for Summer I. Registrations after this date require immediate payment or enrollment in a payment plan.

June 4, Sunday

10 a.m., Residence halls open for occupancy.

June 5, Monday

Faculty on duty.

Last day to withdraw from the university without financial penalty. For more information see www.depts.ttu.edu/studentbusinessservices/calendar/withdrawDates.php.
Select dining locations open for summer (hospitality.ttu.edu).

June 6, Tuesday

Classes begin.

June 7, Wednesday

Last day for student-initiated addition of a course on MyTech. Course may be added until June 9 with advisor permission.
Last day to withdraw from the university for Summer I (not Full Summer) and receive partial financial credit. For more information visit Student Business Services.

June 9, Friday

Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech without academic penalty (drop does not count against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
Last day to drop a course and have course charges removed for Summer I and Full Summer. Students who drop to 0 hours are considered to be a withdrawal. Financial penalties apply for withdrawals after June 5.
Last day for doctoral students to file Defense Notification form.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to file with the Graduate School a statement of intention to graduate.
Last day to notify the thesis coordinator of thesis defense via email.

June 10, Saturday

Student-initiated drop made on or after this date counts against drop limit. All drops are the responsibility of the student.

June 12, Monday

Last day for degree candidates and faculty to order invitations and academic regalia at the bookstore.

June 13, Tuesday

Last day to withdraw from the university for Full Summer and receive partial financial credit. For more information visit Student Business Services.

June 26, Monday

Last day for student-initiated drop on MyTech with academic penalty (counts against drop limit). All drops are the responsibility of the student.
Last day to transfer between colleges.
Last day to declare pass/fail intentions.
Last day for master's non-thesis comprehensive examination.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to defend theses/dissertations.

July 3, Monday

Last day to withdraw from the university for Summer I (not Full Summer). Although withdrawal can be processed until this date, all tuition and fees related to the registration are due in full and no refunds will be issued.
Last day for undergraduate degree candidates to remove grades of I and PR.

July 4, Tuesday

University holiday.

July 5, Wednesday

Raiderlink available for grading.

July 6, Thursday

Last day of classes.

July 7 – 8, Friday – Saturday

Final examinations.

July 8, Saturday

First summer term ends.
Students without room reservations for the second term must vacate residence hall rooms by 10 a.m.

July 9, Sunday

Minimal dining locations open (hospitality.ttu.edu).

July 10, Monday

Noon, Final grades due via Raiderlink.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to submit to the ETD website the final PDF of thesis/dissertation.
Last day for graduate degree candidates to submit the Oral Defense and Thesis-Dissertation Approval Form.

Complete calendar information:

Texas Tech Academic Calendar
Texas Tech Events Calendar

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Have your student check out Orgsync for ways to get involved 

Is your student involved in student organizations? If not, have him or her visit http://ttu.orgsync.com for a list of and contact information for all registered student organizations. It is especially important for students living on and off campus to get involved and stay connected to campus.

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Student Union and Activities Calendar

Student Union and Activities always makes sure there is plenty for your Tech students to do! If your student complains that he or she can't find any fun activities or meet many people on campus, tell him or her about these exciting, FREE activities.

Click HERE for the complete Activities Calendar.

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Looking for ways to get involved? 

For more ways to get involved as a parent or family member of a Texas Tech student, join the Texas Tech Parents Association at www.texastechparents.org. Your membership dues support programs such as scholarships for Texas Tech students, the Road Raiders Safe Travel Network, and local chapters all over Texas.

You can also get involved in various chapter activities throughout the year. Come enjoy a fun time with other Texas Tech parents and family members. Click HERE to view the chapter parents page.

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Texas Tech Parents Association Events

Families in Austin, DFW, Houston, San Antonio and El Paso,
Plan to attend a Student Send-Off near you!
Networking, Information, Games & Prizes for Students and Parents
Secure Your Spot and Register Today!

Register HERE.

Parents of Entering Freshmen and Transfer Students
Houston and El Paso:

You are invited to a New Parent Reception!

Meet your Red Raid Family neighbors. Discover what's in store during Move-In Weekend. Get details about Student Send-Off and Family Weekend. Learn how you can stay connected, get involved and network with families.

Register online today!

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Texas Tech Parents Association is seeking talented parents!

Do you desire to make a difference? Are you friendly and enthusiastic? Willing to learn? Reliable? Flexible and willing to go an extra step?

Below are volunteer positions available at Texas Tech Parents Association. A few positions you can do from home. Some are positions on the Board of Directors.

  • Newsletter
  • Event Planning
  • Graphic design
  • Marketing
  • Managing finances
  • Records maintenance
  • Taking meeting minutes
  • Webmaster
  • Family Weekend volunteer

To view these and other volunteer positions, please visit our Volunteer Match page.

Like the Texas Tech Parents Association on Facebook. Like the Texas Tech Family Weekend Facebook.

Visit our website

Email us at parents@texastechparents.org

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