Texas Tech University

R13 Construction

The R13 lot is getting a makeover. 

As our campus grows, we continue to look for ways to provide additional parking and improve campus safety. As part of that process, expansion and renovation of the R13 parking area began this summer and is slated to finish in early fall 2019. The expansion includes the following permanent updates, and the map below illustrates the changes:

  • 193 additional R13 parking spaces
  • Through traffic to the interior portion of campus will no longer be allowed on 15th Street through the parking area. The parking area will be accessible via 15th & 17th Streets from University Avenue.
  • Realignment of 15th Street and University Avenue entrance into the parking area
  • Improved parking for parents taking children to the Child Development Research Center
  • No loss of ADA or Doak Training Center spaces



Monday, August 26: The eastern portion of the expansion and 15th Street entrance open as shown in the map below. Yellow areas are R13 spaces, blue areas are ADA and time-zone spaces, and the red area is a path for construction vehicles to access the western portion that remains under construction.






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