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Chinese Pistache

Pistacia chinensis

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Pistacia chinensis

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Pistacia chinensis Plant Information

Scientific Name: Pistacia chinensis
Common Name: Chinese pistache
Family: Anacardiaceae
Suggested Uses: lawn, park, street, urban tree
Height: 30 to 35 feet tall
Foliage: alternate, evenly pinnately compound, and deciduous

up to 10 inches long with 10 to 20 leaflets

generally produces excellent Fall leaf color (crimson red, orange)
Flower: dioecious

flowers before leaves, but not showy
Bloom Period: Spring
Fruit: small, red to blue drupe in Fall
Bark: gray to brown

develops shallow furrows and ridges that become scaly with age; scales may flake off
Water: drought-tolerant
Soil: tolerates poor soil
USDA Zone: zones 6 - 9
Maintenance: because fruit drop can be messy to clean up, male trees often preferred
Pests & Pathology: free of disease and insect pests
Additional Notes: very tolerant of poor sites (drought, wind, heat, soil, etc.) and is often used as a street / urban tree

select in Fall for trees with the best leaf color

may be used as a rootstock for the pistachio nut (P. vera)

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