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Sempervivum sp.

The plant finders are directories of the plants sorted alphabetically by their common names.  Each directory is searchable by common name(s), scientific name (Genus species), and plant category.

Plant Finder

Trees, shrubs, vines, and groundcovers that can thrive in the uniquely tough environment of the West Texas Panhandle (from hot, dry, windy summers to freezing winters) are sometimes difficult to find.  These are hardy species that don't die back each winter, from flowering deciduous shrubs to evergreen windbreaks and everything in between.

Plant Finder

Perennials, annuals, ornamental grasses, bulbs, and vines provide everything from interesting foliage and showy flowers to thermal insulation and screening in landscapes.

Plant Finder

Herbs, vegetables, fruits, and roots can be grown not only for their edible produce, but for their ornamental value in the landscape.  Many herbs in particular are well-suited to grow in hot, dry climates like the South Plains.

Plant Finder

Succulents, cacti, tropical specimens, ferns, and more are often grown as interior plants when they can't handle the semi-arid outdoor conditions of West Texas heat, winters, and wind.

Comprehensive Landscape Directory

If you would like to browse all of the landscape plants in the TTU Plant Resource Database, the Comprehensive Directory provides a compiled list of the woody, herbaceous, edible, and interior plants together in one place.

Weed Finder

Our new Weed Finder is a collection of the top weeds that commonly impact crops and landscapes in our region.

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