Texas Tech University


Life Insurance and Annuities Survey
A nationwide telephone survey to assess the understanding of various terms and concepts related to life insurance policies and annuity

Post-Tornado Survey
A telephone survey for residents in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, Joplin, Missouri, Moore, Oklahoma, and Hattiesburg, Mississippi who were affected by tornadoes given in order to understand how vulnerable the community is to tornadoes and to identify mitigation strategies for the future.

South Plains Mall
Led and coordinated by H. Blount Hunter Retail & Real Estate Research for a consumer study, the ESRL conducted in-person interviewers at South Plains Mall.

F. Marie Hall Institute for Rural and Community Health at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center
A telephone survey of 2,500 residents of rural West Texas Communities and a series of 25 focus groups in rural West Texas Communities to examine perceptions of health care needs in rural West Texas.

City of Midland Survey
A telephone survey of 1000 residents looking at satisfaction with municipal services in the City of Midland.

Lubbock County Employee Survey
A paper and web survey to evaluate employee satisfaction with Lubbock County.

Facilities Planning & Construction Prevailing Wage Rate survey
A mail and on line survey to determine prevailing wage rates for construction trades.

TTUHSC Office of Institutional Planning and Effectiveness
Web survey of TTUHSC students measuring satisfaction with campus services.

Judicial Reform Survey
Survey of 500 registered voters measuring the level of support for judicial reform in Texas as well as voter perceptions of judicial candidates and judicial institutions.

Ogallala Aquifer Survey
Survey of 3,000 in the Ogallala Aquifer regarding attitudes toward water conservation with regard to ethanol production and agricultural

Collegiate Recovery Survey
Web survey of students who are part of drug recovery programs on several university campuses. Led and coordinated by the Center for the
Study of Addiction and Recovery at TTU

Daily Toreador Readership survey
Telephone survey of TTU students about OT reading habits.