Texas Tech University


The ESRL's goal is to provide top quality survey research services. We follow AAPOR's Code of Professional Ethics and Standard Definitions. We specialize in types of survey data collection methods as well as analysis and reporting of results. Also, we can administer a survey on any subject. For example, some of our past research includes healthcare, economic development, employee satisfaction, and much more. To see some of our recent projects, please click here. The ESRL has experience with local, state, and nationwide surveys.

Our interviewers are well-trained on basic and advanced interviewing techniques, in addition to data collection of close-ended and open-ended questions. The interviewers are properly trained on the questionnaire and are closely monitored by supervisors at all times. Furthermore, the ESRL offers bi-lingual surveys.


  • Study Design
    • Each research project is unique and requires careful planning to ensure the results will be useful and accurate. Study design services offered by the ESRL include project planning, refinement of research questions, sample selection and methodological consultation.
  • Questionnaire Authoring
    • Writing questionnaires that will result in useful and unbiased data can be a difficult and time consuming task. The ESRL has expertise in questionnaire authoring and works with clients to craft a questionnaire that will produce high quality results.



  • Telephone Survey
    • Telephone surveys are an efficient way to collect and compile data. The ESRL is equipped with a 21-station telephone interviewing facility and uses computer-assisted telephone interviewing (CATI), which greatly enhances the efficiency and accuracy of collecting data via telephone.
  • Mail Surveys
    • Collecting data using a self-administered survey sent through the mail is a cost-effective alternative and in some cases is the most appropriate methodology. The ESRL works with clients to design a high quality self-administered questionnaire. We provide efficient, high-quality data entry and data scanning for mail survey projects.
  • Internet Surveys
    • Internet surveys are a cost efficient way to collect data. One of the main advantages of web surveys is that they are low in cost. The ESRL uses QuestionPro survey software to implement web-based surveys. Web surveys are becoming increasing popular because the vast majority of the public uses the internet.
  • In-Person Interviews
    • Some advantages of in-person interviews include the ability to observe behavior and engage in longer interviews. We have trained field interviewers available for in-person surveys.
  • Focus Groups
    • Focus groups are an excellent way to collect detailed information. The ESRL can assist with the design, planning, and facilitating of research projects utilizing focus groups.
  • Mix-Mode Surveys
    • We offer mix-mode surveys to improve response rates and coverage when needed. For example, we can follow up a mail survey with a phone survey.


  • Data File
    • After the data are collected, we can provide a data file in several different formats, such as Microsoft Excel, STATA, or SPSS.
  • Procedure Report
    • We offer a brief report that summarizes survey procedures, the selection process, and responses.
  • Detailed Report
    • The ESRL can report the results in a way that is suitable to the intended audience. We offer univariate, bivariate, or multivariate analysis.
  • Flash Report
    • A customized electronic presentation will allow a brief glance at the overall survey results. Flash reports with graphics and key points of interest make the survey results easy to share and engage an audience's attention.