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Letters of Evaluation

When preparing for medical or dental school application, Texas Tech students can either obtain individual letters of recommendation (also known as letters of evaluation) or have a packet prepared, combining their letters and including a summary cover letter.

Letters of Evaluation (LoE) Packets can be generated in partnership with and uploaded by a PPHC advisor, while individual letters are traditionally requested from and uploaded by those whom applicants ask write letters. Both are acceptable ways of submitting letters for all application services.

To begin the process of creating an LoE Packet with a PPHC advisor, please make sure you meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold at least a cumulative GPA of 3.0 of higher (including all college-level coursework, not just TTU GPA)
  • No more than 24 months have passed since graduating from Texas Tech University (if applicable)
  • Not currently enrolled in another institution of higher education
  • You have not completed 2 LoE packets in previous application cycles

PPHC works with students to prepare and submit LoE Packets between February 15th and October 15th for each year's application cycle, however students may not begin the LoE process any later than August 1st (which is already an extremely late start). PPHC advisors will not upload any letter packets after October 15th.

The LoE process may require multiple advising appointments if an applicant has not previously established an advising relationship with their assigned PPHC advisor.

Evaluation forms for letter writers will only be provided after the LoE advising appointment.

Tips for requesting letter writers and evaluators

Tips and resources for letter writers and evaluators

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