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Volunteer Opportunities

An important aspect of an applicant's resume and application is their volunteer experience. Health professions schools and programs review many applications each year and altruistic contributions to society are an important factor in the application process. Volunteering your time not only can help your application stand out from the others, but it can also teach valuable life skills that help in any profession or career.

It is common for students to give back in their communities in their roles as members of student organizations, but whether you go that route or additional service is a goal of yours, there are many places in the Lubbock area where students can volunteer. Below are some organizations that provide volunteer opportunities to Texas Tech University students.

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center

TTUHSC Volunteer Services is specifically designed to introduce and expose students to different aspects of health care within a clinical setting while proving an opportunity to meaningfully serve the Lubbock community. The vast majority of participants have either selected a pre-professional health careers path or are exploring if a career in healthcare is right for them. Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Visit their website or email Volunteer Services at volunteerservices@ttuhsc.edu to learn more or to apply. You may also visit them in their office on the first floor of the Health Sciences Center building, room 1B422.

University Medical Center

Volunteers at UMC Health System are a critical part of the services provided to patients each and every day. UMC volunteers support a full range of hospital staff in the development of better care and the delivery of a high-quality patient experience. At UMC, volunteers are placed in a variety of areas including: Admitting, Pharmacy, Nursing Support Services, Cancer Center, Emergency Center, Family Birth Center, Marketing, Pediatrics, Gift Shop, Burn/Trauma office, and more.

To be considered for a position as a volunteer at UMC Health System, please complete the application at https://www.umchealthsystem.com/connect-with-us/volunteering and return it to the Volunteer Services office.

For more information, contact Travis Armstrong, Director of Volunteer Services at Travis.Armstrong2@umchealthsystem.com or (806) 775-8760.

Covenant Health System

Open to anyone who is willing and able to serve others in a health care setting. Volunteers assist in many areas. If you have a special interest or talent you would like to share, there is sure to be an area within Covenant Health that needs your help. Just call, and they will do their best to match your interest with their needs.

To learn more click HERE or call the contact below:

Manager of Volunteer Services: Lauren Orta, ortalh1@covhs.org
Medical Campus: Sharon Parks, (806) 725-0465
Lakeside Campus: Debbie Horton, (806) 725-6075

Volunteer Center of Lubbock

Volunteer Center of Lubbock works closely with more than 100 Agency Partners, building a culture of service throughout the South Plains. They are developing the next generation of leaders through service and leadership programming specifically for youth and young professionals. They are committed to developing high performing teams in all areas of the Lubbock community, whether for profit, nonprofit, or otherwise.

Larry Combest Community Health & Wellness Center

Students will volunteer in patient related areas, community outreached and general administrative areas. Office hours: 8-5, Monday-Friday. Contact: Maria Torres at (806) 743-9663

Hospice of Lubbock

Volunteers will work in many areas of the program and direct patient care.Contact: Cheryl Presley at (806) 795-2751

Lubbock Community Service for the Deaf

Occasional secretarial duties and sign language interpreting; volunteers provide services for the deaf. Contact: (806) 795-2345

ProStep Rehabilitation

Opportunities for Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences

Contact:  (806) 796-1774 Inquire with Rika Brake

Crown Point Hospice

Volunteers will assist with patient care. Contact: Michelle Flores at (806) 687-6640

Accolade Hospice

5201 Indiana Avenue, Suite 101S (Corner of 50th and Indiana). Contact Rosalva Martinez at 806-788-0158.

Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement

The Division of Institutional Diversity, Equity and Community Engagement provides students, faculty and staff with the opportunity to volunteer for outreach and engagement programs, events and activities throughout the year. To become a volunteer and learn about opportunities across the division, complete this form and return it to the Office of Community Engagement.

Lubbock Area United Way

Since 1946, Lubbock Area United Way has raised more than $170 million dollars to change lives and advance the common good.

Yet, simpler times meant simpler solutions. While Lubbock has become a hub of activity in such areas as education, arts, and health, the community is faced with a widening gap in income and quality of life. High rates of poverty, child abuse, illiteracy, teen pregnancy and low birth weight babies indicate that all is not well.

However, Lubbock Area United Way is more than a fundraising vehicle. They work with 23 Community Partners to address needs and remove barriers

Through the research they do in their Community Status Report, they know that a lack of education leads to a variety of issues that are interconnected. Their work focuses on education as the key to addressing the root cause of these issues and empowering individuals and families to take charge of the quality of their lives.

ULabs MakerSpace

U(biquitous) Labs is a 501c3 Non-Profit and the first community MakerSpace born in Lubbock, made by Lubbockites. They are a collaborative group of friends in the Lubbock community that have been interested in the New, NOW, and Next Big things in technology and inventions. They are a place where makers share equipment, take classes involving everything imaginable like 3D printing, laser cutting, plasma cutting, coding,programming, space rentals, as well as mentoring programs, networking relationships, and business entrepreneurship experiences to incubate your business in our co-working space. And they are looking for volunteers!

National Gateway to Student Success

NGSS is a Non-Profit that "Believes that every child in the world deserves the right to an education." They are a mentorship program that reaches out to underprivileged students to help them succeed. Partnered with the local Lubbock Children's Home, they seek to help students with homework, tutoring, reading events, and even fun activities for engagement. NGSS meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month and encourage new members to attend regularly. They would love to have volunteers