Texas Tech University

Dean of the College of Education

Robin H. Lock, Ph.D.

Acting Dean, Professor of Special Education program

Email: robin.lock@ttu.edu

robin lockRobin H. Lock, Ph.D. is the College of Education Vice Dean and a professor in the Texas Tech University College of Education Special Education program. Dr. Lock has garnered over five million dollars in external funding including private donations, foundation grants, state grants, and federal flow-through dollars for research to work directly with individuals with disabilities as well as young people in the foster care system.

Most recently, she directed two grants through Wagner-Peyser Department of Labor funding. The first grant, "The Lubbock Transitional Workforce Project", explored research-based methods for improving employment outcomes for individuals with pervasive development disabilities through personal and employer support and training. The second grant, Lubbock At-Risk: Understanding the Need for Change (LAUNCH), project provided occupational and career assessments, job and social skill training, and on-the-job training (OIT) for youth in the foster care system, former foster youth and youth with diagnosed disabilities ages 14-24 in Lubbock County. Additionally, technical assistance (TA) to the youth participants, foster care stakeholders and employers was provided.

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