Texas Tech University

Elizabeth Caulfield

Law Library

Elizabeth Caulfield Elizabeth Caulfield's love of law libraries emanates from the idea that only informed people can be self-governing, and that libraries filled with government information make an informed citizenry more possible. She developed an affinity for legal materials while interning at the Los Angeles County Law Library. She finds that studying the organizational structure of legal publications and reading publishers' annotations to the law allows her to do something else which she enjoys, to contemplate public policy and political history.

A substantial component of her job at the Texas Tech University School of Law Library is introducing law students to legal bibliography and assisting them with legal research. She is especially interested in teaching law students to become well-rounded legal researchers, helping them to master premiere electronic databases, while also exposing them to the usefulness of less costly alternatives, both online and in print. One research technique is to sign onto a case law database, spend hours wading through opinions, wondering which ones are significant. Instead, she wants to impress upon researchers the value of spending time with secondary sources first, to gain an overview of an area of the law and to learn the seminal cases from experts who have built careers in those practice areas. This teaching strategy is intended to impart to students constructive searching habits. The idea is that empowering the law student will one day empower the client.

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