Texas Tech University

Anita McChesney

Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures

Anita McChesney Dr. Anita McChesney began her duties as Assistant Professor of German in the Department of Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures in the fall semester, 2010.

Dr. McChesney earned a Ph.D. in German from the John's Hopkins University in 2005. She completed her master's degree in German at Bowling Green State University (1999) and undergraduate degrees in English and German at Walla Walla College (1997). Before joining the faculty at Texas Tech, she spent four years as an assistant professor of German at the University of Notre Dame.

Dr. McChesney's research relates to questions of genre and media in German and Austrian literature. She has authored several articles on narrative constructions of truth in detective stories, and on the intersections of visual media, narration and history in contemporary Austrian prose. A recent article, entitled "History and Media in Gerhard Roth's Orkus and in Austrian Literature of the New Millennium," draws out the role of intermediality in the work of acclaimed Austrian novelist Gerhard Roth. She also has coordinated a literary evening with the author in November 2010 at the Austrian Cultural Forum in New York. The event centers on the relationship between photography and literature in Gerhard Roth's prose.

Dr. McChesney's larger ongoing research project is a book entitled Mediating Truth: The Detective Story and its German Context. This project examines the impact of textual and visual media on the development of the detective novel from German Romanticism to post-modern Austrian literature.

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