Texas Tech University

Mohamed Soliman

Chair, Petroleum Engineering

Mohamed Soliman Dr. Mohamed Soliman is the Texas Tech University Bob L. Herd Department of Petroleum Engineering Chair. Soliman has a bachelor's degree in petroleum engineering with top honors from Cairo University, and master's and doctoral degrees in petroleum engineering from Stanford University. His career has focused on reservoir completion and production engineering. He holds 17 patents on fracturing operations and analysis, testing and conformance applications. He is an author or co-author of over 150 technical papers and articles in areas of fracturing, reservoir engineering, well test analysis, conformance, and numerical simulation. He has designed and analyzed hundreds of pressure transients, FET, and micro-frac tests. He is a distinguished member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Soliman was responsible for the development of the analysis technique of Halliburton's limited-emissions FasTestĀ® well testing system, a winner of the 2005 Hart's E&P Meritorious Award for Engineering Innovation. He also conceived the concept and developed the philosophy for the QuikLook numerical simulator. He led the actual development of the software and guided it into what has become the main simulator used by Halliburton engineers. The software is also used by several operating companies, generating considerable direct, consulting, and pull-through revenue. He has developed multiple fracturing design and analysis, well testing, and reservoir engineering techniques, and has authored several engineering software packages that are in current use. He has authored chapters in World Oil's Handbook of Horizontal Drilling and Completion Technology, the text Well Construction, and the SPE monograph Well Test Analysis of Hydraulically Fractured Wells.

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