Texas Tech University

Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman

College of Human Sciences, Department of Nutrition, Hospitality & Retailing

Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman Shaikh Mizanoor Rahman is a research assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition, Retailing and Hospitality. His main role in the department will be to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research. His research focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms that control immune cell (macrophages, T cells) functions in obesity-associated metabolic disorders. Specially, he is interested to investigate:

  • the cellular and molecular basis of the regulation of cholesterol trafficking and uptake in macrophages
  • hormonal and nutritional regulation of macrophage polarization
  • molecular signaling pathways that control endoplasmic reticulum stress, autophagy and oxidative stress in obesity and cardiovascular disease

Rahman has published 23 papers in peer-reviewed journals, including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Hepatology, Journal of Biological Chemistry and Journal of Lipid Research. His research has been funded by the American Heart Association. He is an active reviewer of the American Journal of Physiology (Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology) and Journal of Cardiovascular Disease Research.

Rahman is originally from Bangladesh. He received his Bachelor and Master of Science in biochemistry from Dhaka, Bangladesh, and his Ph.D. in nutritional biochemistry from Japan. He then moved to the U.S. and did his postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center (now University of Colorado Denver). Prior to joining Texas Tech, he was a research instructor in the Department of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver, School of Medicine.