Texas Tech University

Eric Rasmussen

College of Media & Communication, Department of Public Relations

Eric Rasmussen Eric Rasmussen is an assistant professor of public relations. He just completed his Ph.D. in communication at the Ohio State University. His research focuses on children and media. Specifically, he is interested in understanding why and how talking to children about media influences how they are affected by media exposure. His latest research project looked at the reasons for and results of talking to children about violent TV before, during and after their exposure to a six-minute clip of “SpongeBob SquarePants.” He will be happy if he never has to watch “SpongeBob” ever again. Eric and his wife have four children, all daughters, who will each be a teenager for seven years, meaning he will be a parent of a teenage girl for 28 years! Eric is originally from Oregon and has also lived in Idaho, Utah, Maryland, Ohio, Brazil and now Texas.