Texas Tech University

Caitlyn Cooper-Norris

Caitlyn Cooper-NorrisCaitlyn Cooper-Norris, an expert in range ecophysiology, has been named an assistant professor in Texas Tech University's Department of Natural Resources Management. The Jacksboro, Texas, native indicated that her research program broadly focuses on making advancements in rangeland management that will increase ranch profitability, enhance ecosystem services, and increase rangeland system diversity, stability, and resilience. The major focus of her research is studying physiology and phenology of invasive and noxious native and exotic plants in rangelands to improve management and treatment practices. Other interests include restoration of depleted/damaged rangelands and pasturelands, and integrated livestock/wildlife production systems.

One of her primary goals is to reinvigorate the Department of Natural Resources Management's range ecophysiology research program, while focusing on issues that particularly pertain to ranchers and stakeholders in semi-arid regions. Her bachelor's degree in agronomy and range management and her master's degree in agriculture with an emphasis in agronomy are from Tarleton State University in Stephenville, Texas. Her doctorate in agronomy is from Texas A&M University-College Station.