Texas Tech University

Yinping Jiao

Yinping JiaoYinping Jiao, an expert in plant genomics and genetics, has been named an assistant professor with Texas Tech University's Department of Plant and Soil Science. Jiao will be working within the Center for Functional Genomic of Abiotic Stress. Jiao's research is devoted to obtaining a deeper understanding of the genetic diversity and regulatory mechanism of important agronomic traits in crops, with the goal of facilitating breeding. Agriculture is facing myriad challenges related to rapidly growing global populations and the decreasing of natural resources.

Genetics and genomics research can provide targets for molecular plant breeding, which is an essential strategy for enhancing current and future food security and agricultural sustainability. One of her primary goals is to identify key loci contributing to the high abiotic stress tolerance in sorghum. Sorghum is one of the major crops in west Texas. Her bachelor's degree in biotechnology is from Shandong Agricultural University in Shandong, China. Jiao's doctorate in plant genetics and breeding is from China Agricultural University in Beijing, China.