Texas Tech University

Gunvant Patil

Gunvant PatilGunvant Patil, an expert in genetic engineering, quantitative genetics and translational genomics, has been named an assistant professor in Texas Tech University's Department of Plant and Soil Science. Patil will be working within the Institute of Genomics for Crop Abiotic Stress Tolerance. Patil's research interests includes genetic improvement of commercially important crops using integrated genetic engineering and genomics technologies.

Genetic engineering offers promising solutions for basic research and has revolutionized the agriculture, however genetic transformation and subsequent genome editing of several crops remains challenging. His lab will lead the development of new technologies to improve genetic transformation, genome editing and accelerate the plant breeding in economically important crops species including legumes, fiber and energy crops. His doctorate is from the University of Pune-India and the National Research Centre on Plant Biotechnology, New Delhi, India.