Texas Tech University

Achilles Vieira-Neto

Achilles Vieira-NetoAchilles Vieira-Neto, an expert in nutrition and endocrinology of dairy cows, has been named a research assistant professor in Texas Tech University's Department of Veterinary Sciences. The Brazil native indicated that his research program broadly focuses on understanding the nutritional physiology underlying the absorption and regulation of nutrients and their metabolism during the transition period in dairy cattle; and to further explore the relationship between calcium and vitamin D metabolites with immune response targeting the discovery of strategies to improve health in postpartum dairy cows.

One of his primary goals is to develop an innovative and collaborative research program, capture the gaps in applied dairy nutrition to provide producers novel knowledge through extension programs to improve animal health, performance and profitability, and instruct undergraduate and graduate students to develop clinical skills, critical thinking and the ability to integrate the complex concepts in dairy cattle nutrition and production medicine. He earned a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from Santa Catarina State University in Lages, Brazil. His master's degree and doctorate in animal molecular and cellular biology are from the University of Florida-Gainesville.