Texas Tech University

Carrie Monjé

Carrie Monjé specializes in the development and implementation of curriculum in the introductory biology laboratory setting for courses intended for both biology and non-biology majors. For non-biology majors, Monjé coordinates the laboratory of BIOL 1402, Biology of Animals—an introductory inquiry-based course that uses the Madagascar hissing cockroach as a model organism for developing scientific literacy through scientific investigation. For biology majors, she also coordinates BIOL 1403, Biology I and BIOL 1404 laboratories, which teaches the fundamentals of experimental design and data analysis with investigations in topics like cellular respiration, microscopy, evolution, ecology, DNA technology, bacteriology, plant physiology, and animal physiology. In addition, Monjé teaches the graduate course Biology Pedagogy each fall for incoming biology graduate students embarking on their first experience as a graduate teaching assistant. Monjé's published works include four editions of her laboratory curriculum on the Madagascar hissing cockroach as a model organism.

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