Texas Tech University

Emma Bedor Hiland

Emma Bedor HilardDr. Emma Bedor Hiland earned her Ph.D. in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota, where she also developed a concentration in Bioethics. Her M.A. is from Pennsylvania State University, where she minored in Women's Studies, and her undergraduate degree is from SUNY Geneseo, where she studied Communication and English Literature. As a feminist media and technology scholar, Dr. Bedor Hiland brings an intersectional approach to analyses of the social and cultural effects of media and new technologies. Her work explores questions of what it means to live well, to be happy, and to pursue health. She is the author of Therapy Tech: The Digital Transformation of Mental Healthcare, and some of her prior scholarship has been published in Feminist Media Studies, Sexuality & Culture, The Journal of Magazine and New Media Research, and Screen Bodies. In her spare time Dr. Bedor Hiland enjoys practicing yoga, gardening, and spending time with family.

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