Texas Tech University

Nanwei Wang

Dr. Nanwei Wang got his PhD in Statistics from York University in 2017. Supervised by Prof. Helene Massam, he mainly worked on the computation and the existence of MLE in high-dimensional discrete graphical models during his PhD. He joined Texas Tech University as a tenure-track assistant professor in 2021 after doing three years postdoctoral research in lunenfeld-tanenbaum research institute, Toronto and Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona. His research interests are in statistics and statistical genetics, and especially in exploring the conditional independence relationship in high-dimensional problems. Currently, he is working on two projects:

  1. Mixed graphical model structure learning via Bayesian model selection methods and applying the results in genome-wide association studies
  2. Non-asymptotic analysis for different MLE methods and model selection algorithms. 

Research interests: Graphical models; composite likelihood estimation; non-asymptotic statistical inference; Bayesian model selection

Office of the Provost