Texas Tech University

Rhonda L. Boros

My academic and research background is in the field of Biomechanics. I am currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Biological Sciences, and am responsible for teaching A&P I (ZOOL 2403) for students requiring 2-semester A&P course credit. In my teaching, I pull from my experience in kinesiology and biomechanics research, enabling me to put practical application and example to some of the more challenging concepts in gross and microscopic human anatomy & physiology. As director of the Anatomy Lab, I oversee all activities in the lab, as well as supervise graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants. I have developed and continue to enhance a hands-on undergraduate teaching experience in human anatomy through my topics course BIOL 4301-062, where exemplar students are selected to assist with the delivery and review of both lab and lecture materials to improve student performance in A&P. We have also developed and published a laboratory manual for human anatomy, utilizing images of our anatomical models and animal specimens, also to enhance the student experience in A&P.

My areas of biomechanics research focus primarily on the mechanics of human impact and injury. Specifically, my work relates to the topics of head impact and injury, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury in females, and fall prediction and prevention in the elderly. Related to these topics are applications to biomechanics and characteristics associated with injury (e.g. predisposing anatomic or biomechanical factors) as well as interventions related to injury prevention and/or rehabilitation (e.g. strength training & conditioning and/or physical therapy). I have also recently engaged in more student learning outcome-focused research related to human anatomy curriculum and instruction.

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