Texas Tech University

Tara Salman

Tara SalmanTara Salman is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Computer Science, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX, USA. Previously she was a Graduate Research Assistant at Washington University in St. Louis (2015-2021) and a Research Assistant at Qatar University (2012-2015). She received her B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering from Qatar University, Doha, Qatar, in 2012. Afterward, she completed her MS degree in Computing from Qatar University, Doha, Qatar in 2015 and earned her Ph.D. degree in Computing Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO, USA, in 2021. She joined Texas Tech in August 2021, right after she earned her Ph.D. degree.

Dr. Salman is a recipient of the McKelvey School of Engineering fellowship (2015-2021) and Qatar University Scholarship (2007-2012). In addition, she was selected for the EECS Rising Star in UC Berkeley in 2020 and earned the NSF Networking Technology and Systems Early-Career Investigators Workshop Travel Award in 2019.

Dr. Salman has published more than twenty internationally recognized conferences and journals and her research has been supported by national and international funds. She has a pending US patent and a book chapter. Her research aims to integrate state-of-the-art technologies to provide scalable, collaborative, and intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Her recent work focuses on the intersection of artificial intelligence, blockchains, and security applications. The work spans several fields, including blockchain technology, security, machine learning, deep learning applications, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things.

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