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Zahra Safaverdi

Zahra SafaverdiZahra Safaverdi is an architecture practitioner and educator whose work explores methods of re-engaging history in relation to the contemporary discourse, its spatial and material potential and its effect on architecture at large. In parallel with her speculative projects, Zahra has been involved with the practice of architecture, working with wide range of clients from intimate scale of single family housing and non-profit organizations to broader scale of institutional buildings and Google's campus in Cambridge. In addition to her practice, She is the director of MASKS and editor of its journal: an initiative that constructs a framework for young practitioners, theorists, and historians in design to foster pedagogical experimentation. Her work has been exhibited in Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Cambridge, Kent, London, Madrid and Locarno. 

Zahra holds a Master of Architecture from Harvard university graduate school of design and a Bachelor of Architecture from CalPoly San Luis Obispo. She is the recipient of Harvard GSD's James Templeton Kelley thesis prize, AIA design award, Cal Poly's thesis prize and president's medal. She has given lectures and served as design critic at several institutions including Harvard, Yale, MIT, Cornell, Rice, and Syracuse university among others. Zahra has been Harvard University's Irving innovation fellow in architecture and has served as the KSU's Schidlowski fellow where her teaching and research constructed integration between design studio pedagogy, materiality and methodical representation in relation to practice of architecture. 

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