Texas Tech University

Curtis Bauer, Ph.D.

"Scrittore Traditore: Examining Style and Influence in the Translations of the Mexican author Fabio Morábito"

Translation is the joyful acceptance of the influence of the text, of language, and of practitioners of the art of translation. It can be easy to forget that the style of a translated author is in fact the style of his or her translator, the one who is responding to language, text, and environment. This sort of confusion highlights the importance and power of style and reveals the intriguing position it occupies in the realm of translation studies and creative writing practices. This talk examines how a translator attempts to convey an author's voice, what kind of techniques and substitutions are most effective, and where the author's style ends and the translator's begins.

Dr. Bauer's talk was part of the Humanities Center's annual Alumni College event which took place during Homecoming festivities, Saturday, October 15, 2016. Alumni College was held at the McKenzie-Merket Alumni Center.

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