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Course Buyout Fellowships, Academic Year 2018-2019

Applications due October 20, 2017

Up to five fellowships comprising a course buy-out will be offered by the Humanities Center for Academic Year 2018-2019. Applicants may request a buy-out of one or two courses, but they must have the approval of their chair and dean for either level of request. A "buy-out" will be the cost, up to $5,000, of replacing the Fellow for the course(s) selected by him or her in consultation with the department chair. The Humanities Center reserves the right to offer a smaller Fellowship than what is requested. (E.g., an applicant requesting a two-course buyout may be offered a single course buyout.) These fellowships are exclusively for work in humanities disciplines. Scholarship in social sciences, fine arts, or applied areas is not eligible. (I). Applicants who reside outside "traditional" humanities disciplines should include a brief explanation of how their research relates to the humanities.

The main goal of these fellowships is to foster world-leading research in the humanities at TTU. Proposals will be evaluated primarily on their scholarly promise within and beyond applicants' particular fields of study. Adjudicators will also look for applicants' proven ability to conduct meaningful research successfully and clearly articulated goals, particularly deliverables for the end of the funded period. Adjudicators will also consider applicants' explanations of their need for time (distinct from money or travel or conference attendance, among other things) next year.

In order to ensure full consideration, applications must be received by October 20, 2017. Awardees will be announced by November 30th. Please submit your application in the form of a single PDF and send it to humanitiescenter@ttu.edu. Subject line should say [your last name] Course Release app/Semester (e.g., Korthron Course release app/FA 2018 or Guare Course Release app Sp 2019 or Nottage Course Release fa/sp 18/19). Each application should include the following components:
1. A proposal of no more than 500 words describing the project and its intended impact.
2. A statement of no more than 100 words articulating how you will use your time and why time is crucially needed for your work next year.
3. A brief c.v. 
4. Signed statements or letters from your chair and your dean (may be a single document with two signatures or two documents) approving your request.

Successful applicants must present their research in the form of a 40-minute talk sponsored by the Humanities Center in the 2019-2020 academic year. They will also be expected to meet with other fellows four or five times during the spring, 2018, semester at planned gatherings. Scholars who expect to be out of Lubbock during the spring, 2018, semester are, therefore, not eligible.

Adjudicators will be members of the Board of Advisors of the Humanities Center and other non-applicants who may be asked to round out the variety of disciplines on the jurying committee. Each application will be read by a minimum of three adjudicators.

Spring 2017 Faculty Fellows

The Humanities Center is pleased to recognize the following faculty members for being named 2017-18 Faculty Fellows. Each Fellow received a course buyout during the 2017 spring semester.


J Kolosov


Jacqueline Kolosov (English)
"Burning Country: Syria, and the Challenge of Art to Ameliorate, Heal & Transform(?)" 
Wednesday, September 6, 2017, English 201


Ryan Hackenbracht


Ryan Hackenbracht (English)
"Renaissance Apocalypse: The End of the World at the Beginning of Modernity" 
Tuesday, October 31, 2017, English 201


William Wenthe


William Wenthe (English)
"The Poetry of Nature / The Nature of Poetry"
 Thursday, January 25, 2018, English 201


2016 Faculty Fellows

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