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The Terry and Jo Harvey Allen 
Center for Creative Studies


AllensThe Terry and Jo Harvey Allen Collection — over fifty years' worth of personal journals and correspondence, workbooks and drafts of scripts and other writings, and various audio and visual recordings — serves to document the internationally-acclaimed artists' creative process. In its depth and breadth and variety, it is a unique asset to the scholarly study of how creative people work, research that will transcend disciplinary boundaries and genres.

Because the Allens remain vibrant – perhaps now even at their most productive – these materials comprise a living archive. In the simplest sense, their collection will grow as they continue to work. But more to the point, it has always been the intent of both the Allens and Texas Tech University that their collection be used as a catalyst for collaborative and transdisciplinary programs related to the study of the creative process. To do that, we have established The Terry and Jo Harvey Allen Center for Creative Studies.

Participants working with the Allens will be drawn from the arts, from the wider community, and from the University. Programs will be varied, both in structure and genre, and will include outreach. A list of prior and planned programs may be found on this site.

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