Texas Tech University

Bale Creek Allen

Bale-AllenBale was the first recipient of a four-year degree from Boston's prestigious School of the Museum of Fine Arts after only 2 years of study. Because of his tenacity and exceptional body of work that was produced during the 10 short years after leaving the school, the faculty voted unanimously to award him his degree. Bale is the truest definition of an artist, excelling in a multitude of mediums such as bronze sculpture, painting, photography, neon, woodwork, spoken word, music and theatre. This aptitude for multiple mediums has given him the opportunity to share his knowledge with others as an adjunct professor and an artist in residency while teaching at California State University at Fullerton, Texas Tech University, University of St. Louis and University of Texas at Austin, to name a few.

Bale's unique concept of taking actual tumbleweeds, tire treads and other detritus objects found along open roads throughout the country and casting them into bronze sculptures are arguably his most recognizable works. Like many of his favorite artists, Allen delves into numerous mediums and subject matter, never limiting himself to any one discipline. Because of his never-ending curiosities and strong work ethic, Allen has exhibited widely throughout the United States, Europe and other parts of the world as early as 1984. In an essay written on Allen's work by David Byrne of the Talking Heads, he quotes, "I see a life here, mirrored in this work, and a land, a region and country. All of it being explored bit by bit, first chipping away at the nearby one's own life and then, when some acceptance of that is gained, moving on to the interstellar garbage, and the questions raised by the space junk scattered around the desert of the world."


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