Texas Tech University


The 10 Qualities of Engagement

  1. Engagement brings the University's intellectual resources to bear on societal needs.
  2. Engagement is a form of scholarship that cuts across teaching, research, and service.
  3. Engagement implies reciprocity, whereby both the institutions and partners in the community benefit and contribute.
  4. Engagement blends scientific knowledge from the university with experiential knowledge within the community to establish an environment of co-learning.
  5. Engagement involves shared decision making.
  6. Engagement is a practice that enables faculty to be better scholars, enhances the learning experience for students, and multiplies the institution's impact on external constituencies.
  7. Engagement is actively listening to all stakeholders that reflect the diversity of our communities—especially including those stakeholders who have not been engaged before.
  8. A university is engaged when stakeholders see the institution as the “resource of choice” when dealing with an issue or problem.
  9. Engagement documents and evaluates its effectiveness through traditional measures of academic excellence.
  10.  The quality of engagement is tied to public accountability and is measured by impact and outcomes on the   communities and individuals it serves.



Outreach & Engagement