Texas Tech University

Faculty Mentors

The Office of the President and the Office of the Provost would like to introduce you to and invite you to participate in a new opportunity, the Program in Inquiry and Investigation (Pi2). The purpose of this new program is to engage undergraduates in your research/creative activity environments. Funds have been earmarked to support approximately 100 incoming freshmen per year over the next four years to be trained in the basics of research to prepare them for active work in areas of your disciplinary scholarship. Faculty mentors will be provided a modest honorarium of $500 to be used for their discretionary purposes.

The Pi2 Scholars will participate in one of five cohorts based on their interests over a two-semester sequence and be involved in discussions related to the philosophy of research, research compliance and integrity, data acquisition and analysis, use of web resources for literature through the library, basic techniques used in cohort-related disciplines, and certification in research safety. The cohorts are designed to capture the breadth of academic disciplines at Texas Tech University and are as follows:

  • Cohort 1-Archeology, Art, Material Culture, Science Studies and Design (13 things);
  • Cohort 2-Energy and Process Sciences-Meeting Humanity's Challenges in the 21st Century;
  • Cohort 3-Mathematical and Physical Sciences;
  • Cohort 4-Health and Environmental Sciences: How to address Human Health Concerns in an Interconnected Age; and
  • Cohort 5-Life Sciences in the 21st Century.

Pi2 Scholars will be available to engage in research starting in the summer of 2018.

You can register your interest to briefly meet with the Pi2 Scholars in each cohort to talk to them about your research below. Interested Pi2 Scholars will schedule meetings with faculty members they are interested in working with, and selections will be made collaboratively with the faculty researcher and Pi2 program staff. To ensure a productive relationship, it is expected that Pi2 scholar and faculty commitments will minimally be for two consecutive long semesters or one summer session and one long semester to ensure a productive relationship. It is our intent that the research mentor-scholar relationship will be real, lasting, and positively influential. Pi2 Scholars will be expected to present their research at the Annual Undergraduate Research Conference at TTU each spring. We believe that Pi2 scholars represent the research future of Texas Tech and the broader academic community, and your participation in the program is essential.