Texas Tech University

President’s Excellence in Research Professorships

Application Year 2018-2019

Qualifications and Nomination Process

  1. Open to tenured associate professors and professors in all colleges who have served at least 3 years at Texas Tech. Faculty who hold administrative appointments (e.g., chairs, directors, associate deans); instructors, professors of practice, and research professors; faculty members who hold an endowed professorship; and Horn Professors are not eligible. Nominees may not currently hold or also be a nominee for the President's Excellence in Teaching Professorships.
  2. Nominations should be based on work performed and achievements accrued while at Texas Tech.
  3. This is year two of a two-year rollout of Presidential Professorships. There will be up to 25 professorships awarded this year, split between teaching professorships and research professorships. This call is for the research professorships, anticipating from 11 to 13 awards.
  4. Nominations will be accepted beginning September 15, 2018, with a deadline of October 19, 2018. Late nominations will be ineligible. College nominations are to be submitted to the Office of the Provost via email with a single PDF document for each nominee (submit to rob.stewart@ttu.edu and micah.logan@ttu.edu).
  5. Each department and college should follow its existing procedures for identifying award nominees. Nominations proceed from faculty through and with approval of their department chairs. Nominations should then be forwarded to the respective dean's office for approval and submission to the Office of the Provost. The chair's and dean's support is to be indicated on the attached form. Up to three nominations from each college (five from Arts & Sciences) will be accepted. Completed nomination packets must be received from deans' offices to be eligible.
  6. Nominations should provide clear documentation of excellence in research or creative work.
    1. Required components of the nomination are:
      1. The form signifying department chair's and dean's support for the nomination (see attachment).
      2. A narrative from the nominee about her or his qualifications for the professorship (limited to one page).
      3. A plan describing the intended use of the professorship funds (limited to 1 page).
      4. An abbreviated CV highlighting research/creative contributions and achievements (limited to 2 pages).
      5. A maximum of two internal or external letters of support that clearly demonstrate the nominee's contributions to scholarship in the discipline.
      6. Supplemental documentation (limited to 5 pages).
    2. Supplemental documentation may draw from these sorts of information (in no particular order of value): quantity and quality of peer-reviewed publications, external funding in support of the nominee's work, university awards for research and creative work, external fellowships and awards in recognition of the nominee's work, published reviews or media coverage of the nominee's work, patents or other registered products of research or creative activity, documented outcomes of mentoring student research, and evidence of establishing innovative and productive creative and research collaborations.

      The total nomination packet should be no more than 15 pages in length, inclusive of abbreviated CV, nominee's narrative of qualifications, nominee's plan for the professorship funds, letters from colleagues, and other supporting components.
  7. Nominations will be reviewed by a research excellence committee appointed by the Office of the Provost with representation from among academic departments, colleges, and other offices, including the OVPR, concerned with or contributing to the university's research mission.
  8. Recommendations of the committee will be reviewed by the provost, VPR, and vice provosts, and then referred to the president for final approval.
  9. The term of appointment is 3 years, which can be renewed for an additional 3 years. Annual faculty reviews and chairperson assessments during the appointment should consider accomplishments associated with the professorship.
  10. Renewal applications for a second 3-year appointment should include a current CV, a report from the faculty member describing accomplishments using the professorship, and supporting letters from the department chair and dean emphasizing the contributions of the faculty member over the 3-year period in which s/he has held the professorship.
  11. Appointments are limited to maximum of 6 consecutive years. After a 3-year hiatus, a person who has previously held a professorship for 6 years may submit a new nomination and full application.
  12. Each faculty member who holds a professorship will receive a minimum of $5,000 per year in discretionary funding to be used in support of research or creative works. Up to 50% of the funds may be used to support summer salary.

Nomination Routing for The President's Excellence in Research Professorship

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