Texas Tech University

Hosting an Exhibition FAQs

My institution is interested in hosting a display, what do I need to do?

The first step in planning a display with The Remnant Trust is to submit a letter of intent in writing to our office. The letter of intent should include the proposed dates, how the display will be integrated into the curriculum, and any additional events that may be coordinated with hosting a display. Once a letter of intent is received The Remnant Trust will contact your institution regarding the planning process.

How much advance planning/notice is required when hosting a display?

When planning a display we ask that contact begin at a minimum of 9 months prior to the proposed dates. When planning a display please keep in mind, the earlier we receive notice, the more titles we may have available to your institution. Early planning reduces title request conflicts as we may have several displays during a given semester.

How are pieces chosen for a display?

When choosing pieces for display we ask that institutions limit their request list to 40-50 titles. A complete list of our holdings can be located on our website and is also available upon request.

What is the liability associated with hosting a display?

Details of liability are discussed during the planning stages.