Texas Tech University

Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to see the collection, how can I do that? Or how can my group schedule a visit?

We appreciate those who have an interest in our collection and organization and enjoy sharing information about both with them. During our normal office hours, Monday through Friday 8-4, appointments can be scheduled for a short visit to view pieces in the collection and learn more about The Remnant Trust, Inc. Please contact us at (806) 742-0375 or by emailing us at info@theremnanttrust.com.

Does The Remnant Trust host events?

Due to the layout of our facility and the nature of what we do, we do not offer event hosting services on a regular basis. If an organization is interested in hosting an event at our facility they may contact us during regular office hours.

What is the geographical range of The Remnant Trust displays?

The Remnant Trust has hosted displays in institutions across The United States, as well as internationally. Some of our most notable displays can be found on the Past Exhibits page.

How is The Remnant Trust funded?

The Remnant Trust operates on capital from grants, private and public contributions, and capital raised through fundraising events. We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

What is the value of the collection?

The Remnant Trust focuses on the content value of the collection and the pieces within the collection. While the items are assigned a monetary value for business purposes, the content value and the documents themselves we deem priceless.

Do you appraise books?

We are not in the business of appraising books, but we can recommend the names of individuals who do appraise books.