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Publication Date: 1494

An apology for Christianity against the accusation that the Church was responsible for the decline of the Roman Empire. It interprets human history as a conflict between the Citie of God, which includes the body of Christians belonging to the Church, and the Earthly City, composed of pagans and heretical Christians. Augustine foresees that, through the will of God, the people of the Citie of God will eventually win immortality, and those in the Earthly City destruction.

In the Citie of God, theology is shown in relation to the history of mankind and God's action in the world is explained. In this apology St. Augustine explains the Christian Church as an organization which would fill up the vacuum caused by the break-up of the secular state. There is no opposition between State and Church; the State is not necessarily evil; if it is pervaded by Christian ideals and the God-fearing life, then it approaches true justice and thereby the City of God. These 22 volumes cover many subjects including Roman polytheism, Greek philosophy, the history of time and eternity, religion, politics and the struggle between Church and State, and economics." #0426

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