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Publication Date: 1500

Das Burch der Croniken Under Geschichten – The Nuremberg Chronicle was the most ambitious illustrated book of the incunable period and a point in the evolution of humanistic history. The Nuremberg Chronicle is a pictorial history of the earth from creation to the 1490s published in 1493. Its structure follows the story of human history as related in the Bible while also including digressions on natural catastrophes, royal genealogies and the histories of a number of important Western cities. It is considered one of the most outstanding examples of early printing and is an excellent reflection of the spirit of its time. It simultaneously demonstrates the influence of the Renaissance humanism, and it shows a society in the process of transformation from medieval to modern, and from a scribal culture to a print culture. In 1493, the year the Chronicle was published, the city of Nuremburg was the most advanced among the German cities in the arts and crafts and commercial relations, and also the first city in Germany to make paper. The Chronicle contains 1809 prints, taken from 645 actual woodcuts. The Chronicle retains its splendor from a typographical perspective because the area and number of woodcuts are larger than in any other book of its century. #0679

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