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Explicatio Gravissimae Quaestionis utrum Excommunicatio, Quatenus Religionem intelligentes & amplexantes, a Sacrementorum vsu, propter admissum facinus arcet; mandato nitatur Divino, an excogitata sit ab hominibus.

(A Treatis of Excommunication Wherein 'Tis Fully, Learnedly, and Modestly Demonstrated that there is no Warrant, Precept, or President, either in the Old or New Testament, for Excommunicating any Persons, or Debarring them the Sacraments, whilst they make an Outward Profession of the True Christian Faith.)

Publication Date: 1589

First Edition with woodcut initials. This is the only early edition of Erastus' most important and controversial work, The 75 Theses, the Confirmatio Thesium and 13 Letters. It is the first and only early edition of Thomas Erastus's foundational work on the separation of church and state. ("Erastianism" became the by-word used to denote the doctrine of the supremacy of the State over the Church). Richard Hooker was the proponent of Erastianism in the "Ecclesiastical Politie" (1594). Erastian ideas were somewhat modified when applied to the modern secularized state as visualized by Hobbes. #0977

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