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Publication Date: 1692

Sir Roger L'Estrange originally published his version of the Fables of Aesop in 1692. Its first edition was quite popular which later led to many further editions being published, some of which can still be found today.
Fables of Aesop refer to a collection of stories credited to Aesop, a slave and story-teller who lived in ancient Greece between 620 and 560 BCE. His fables are some of the most well known in the world. They remain a popular choice for the moral education of children today. In many of these tales animals speak and have human characteristics. Some of Aesop's most famous fables include: "The Fox and the Grapes","The Tortoise and the Hare", "The North Wind and the Sun", "The Boy Who Cried Wolf", and "The Ant and the Grasshopper".

Aesop's existence remains uncertain and no writings by him survive. Numerous fables appearing under his name were gathered across the centuries and in many languages in a storytelling tradition that continues to this day. Scattered details of Aesop's life can be found in ancient sources, including Aristotle, Herodotus, and Plutarch. #0784






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