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Publication Date: 1802

The scarce and important second edition of The Federalist, "the most influential American political work". This edition, which appeared on December 8, 1802, was revised and edited by George F. Hopkins with Hamilton's approval and was the last edition issued during Hamilton's lifetime. It is preceded only by the extraordinarily rare 1788 first edition (and its 1799 re-issue with the same sheets but a new title page). It is, indeed, the one product of the American mind that is rightly counted among the classics of political theory. This work has always commanded widespread respect as the first and still most authoritative commentary on the Constitution of the United States" "They were written by Alexander Hamilton, John Jay and James Madison, and exerted a powerful influence in procuring the adoption of the Federal Constitution... The true principles of a republican form of government are here unfolded with great clearness and simplicity. The essays written by Hamilton exhibit a richness, elegance and force" "The eighty-five essays, under the pseudonym Publius, were designed as political propaganda, not as a treatise of political philosophy. In spite of this The Federalist survives as one of the new nation's most important contributions to the theory of government" #0124-0125

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