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Publication Date: 1793

"From the ""Reign of Terror"". French broadside from the ""Reign of Terror."" The Judgment of the Revolutionary Tribunal established at Arras, condemning Joseph Delattre to death for being ""an author or accomplice in the conspiracy plotted against the People of France and her Liberty."" Delattre, age forty-nine, formerly tax collector of the Abbaye d'Etrun, is accused specifically of attempting to purchase the Abbaye d'Etrun, in order to preserve it as a counter-revolutionary rallying point. As evidence it is noted that he had carefully preserved from the Abbey two sacred heart symbols, one mounted on a cross, one pierced by a sword ""which are without a doubt counter-revolutionary symbols, since all the enemies of the country are equipped with them."" The Revolutionary Tribunals, established in March of 1793 by the National Convention to try suspected counter-revolutionaries and execute those found guilty, were quite successful in their efforts." #0131

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