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In our holdings we have more than 1,400 manuscripts, 1st editions, early works dealing with the topics of individual liberty and human dignity. Below is a PDF version of our collection catalog. Updated August 25, 2017.

The Wisdom of the Ages Athenaeum Catalog by Author

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Additional Observations On The Nature And Value Of Civil Liberty, And The War With America By Richard Price

Aristippus By Jean-Louis Guez Balzac

Attack On Mary Wollstonecraft By Shancoolen

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Bible By John Wycliffe

Bible - The Book Of John

Book Of Enoch

Brief Lives By John Audrey

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A Careful And Strict Inquiry Into The Modern Prevailing Notions Of That Freedom Of The Will By Jonathon Edward

Cato's Letters By John Trenchard & Thomas Gordon

Citie Of God By Augustine Of Hippo, Published 1610

Citie Of God By Augustine Of Hippo, Published 1494

Colloquia Nunc Emendatior Cum Omnium Notis By Desiderius Erasmus

The Common-Wealth Of Oceana By James Harrington

Complete Proceedings Of The First Continental Congress By Congress

Complete Works By M. De Secondat Baron Montesquieu

Council Of Trent (The Canons And Decrees Of The Council Of Trent)

Critik Der Practischen Vernunft By Immanuel Kant

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Da Sonano Synonima Sententiarum By Stefano Fieschi

Das Burch Der Croniken Under Geschichten (The Nuremberg Chronicle) By Hartmann Schedel

De Consolatio Philosophie By Boethius

De Officius Et Alia By Marcus Tullius Cicero

De Trina Hominis Perfectione By Michele Prioli

The Declaration By The Representatives Of The United Colonies Of North America By Congress

Declaration Of Independence By Congress

A Defence Of The Constitutions Of Government Of The United States Of America By John Adams

Defensor Pacis By Marsilius Of Padua

Della Scienza Mecanica By Galileo Galilei

A Discource Upon The Origin And Foundation Of The Inequality Among Mankind By Jean-Jacques Rosseau

Discourses Concerning Government By Algernon Sidney

Documents Relating To The Presidential Election In The Year 1801 By Richard Bayard

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Elements By Euclid

Emancipation Proclamation By Abraham Lincoln

English Liberties, Or The Free-Born Subject's Inheritance By Henry Care

Essay On Human Understanding By John Locke

Essay On Slavery And Abolitionism, With Reference To The Duty Of American Females, An By Catharine E. Beecher

Essays On The Principles Of Morality And Natural Religion By Lord Henry Home Kames

Ethics, Politics & Economics By Aristotle (Pseudo-Aristotle)

Explicatio Gravissimae Quaestionis Utrum Excommunicatio By Thomas Erastus

Extradorinary Black Book, The By John Wade

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Fables Of Aesop By Aesop

Faust By Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Federalist By Publius (Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, And John Jay)

Fifth Report Of The Society For The Prevention Of Pauperism By Society For The Prevention Of Pauperism

First Acts Of Congress — Containing 1st Octavo Printing Of The Bill Of Rights By Congress

First Corrected Edition Of Robinson's Translation Of More's “Utopia” By Thomas Moore

Florentine Historie By Niccolo Machiavelli

Foxe's Book Of Martyrs By John Foxe

French Revolutionary Broadside By French National Assembly

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Gorgias By Plato

Grammatical Miscellany, A By Jamal Al-Din Abu ‘Amr ‘Uthmann Ibn Al-Hajib

Guide To Happiness By Abu Abdallah Muhammad

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Harmonies Of Political Economy By Frederick Bastiat

Harper's Weekly

Hebrew Bible

Historical & Political Works By John Milton

The History By Thucydides

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Illustrated Bible

Inquiry Concerning Political Justice By William Godwin

Institutes By John Calvin

Institutes Of The Laws Of England By Edward Coke

Intolerable Act By Parliament

Invictissimi Imperatoris Commentaria By Julius Caesar

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John Brown's Family Bible


King James Bible “He” Version

Koran Manuscript

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Laelius Seu De Amicitia By Marcus Tullius Cicero

Lawes Of Ecclesiastical Politie By Richard Hooker

Lawes Resolutions Of Women's Rights: Or, The Lawes Provision For Women, The By Various Authors

Laws Of The State Of Indiana By Indiana General Assembly

Le Roi Guiot. Histoire Nouvelle,Tiree D'un Vieux Manuscrit Poudreux Et Vermoulu By Jean Vesque De Puttelange

Lectures On Modern History By John Dalberg Acton

Libri Politici By Aristotle

Life And Morals Of Jesus Of Nazareth, The By Thomas Jefferson

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Magna Carta

The Mathematical Principles Of Natural Philosophy By Isaac Newton

Memoirs By Thomas Jefferson

Morals By Way Of Abstract By Seneca

The Morals Of Confucius By Confucius

My Bondage And My Freedom By Frederick Douglass

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National Magazine; Or A Political, Historical, Biographical, And Literary Repository By James Lyon

Nichomachean Ethics By Aristotle


Obedience Of A Christian Man By Martin Luther

Observations On The Act Of Parliament Commonly Called The Boston Port-Bill; With Thoughts On Civil Society And Standing Armies By Josiah Quincy

Observations On The Importance Of The American Revolution And The Means Of Making It A Benefit To The World By Richard Price

Oceana & Other Works By James Harrington

On He Whom No-One Hurts By John Chrysostom

Opera By Aristotle

Opera By Marcus Tullius Cicero

Opuscula By John Chrysostom

An Oration Delivered At The State-House, In Philadelphia By Samuel Adams

An Oration, Pronounced At Salem, On The Fourth Of July, 1804, In Commemoration Of Our National Independence By Joseph Story

The Origin Of Species By Means Of Natural Selection By Charles Darwin

Our Common Land By Octavia Hill

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Particulars Of The Late Duel, Fought At Hoboken, July 11, Between Aaron Burr And Alexander Hamilton, Esqrs. By Aaron Burr

Political Truth: Or Animadversions On The Past And Present State Of Public Affairs By Edmund Randolph

The Praise Of Folly (Moriae Encomium) By Desiderius Erasmus

The Proceedings Of The House Of Representatives Of The United States, With Respect To The Petitions Praying For A Repeal Of The Alien And Sedition Laws By Congress


Reflections On The Revolution In France By Edmund Burke

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Sermones De Tempore Super Evangelai Et Epistolas By Hugo De Prato Florido

Sermons Of Maurice Hylaret

Sermons Preached In Boston On The Death Of Abraham Lincoln

Son Premier Ecrit; Lettres D'un Habitant De Geneve A Ses Contemporains; Sa Parabole Politique; Le Nouveau Christianisme By Claude Henri De Rouvroy

The Spectator By Joseph Addison And Richard Steele

The Speeches At Full Length Of Mr. Van Ness, Mr. Caines, Mr. Harrison, And General Hamilton, In The Great Cause Of The People, Against Harry Croswell, On An Indictment For A Libel On Thomas Jefferson, President Of The United States By Alexander Hamilton

Stamp Act By Parliament (A Short History of the Conduct of the Present Ministry, with regard to the American Stamp Act)

Stamp Act By Parliament (Justice & Necessity of Taxing the American Colonies, Demonstrated. Together with a Vindication of the Authority of Parliament)

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Thomae Hobbesii Malmesburiensis Vita. Authore Seipso By Thomas Hobbes

Thoughts On The Letter Of Edmund Burke, Esq; To The Sheriffs Of Bristol, On The Affairs Of America By Earl Of Abingdon

A Tramp Abroad By Mark Twain

Twelve Pamphlets Including (The Law) By Frederick Bastiat


Verrine Orations Manuscript By Marcus Tullius Cicero

Von Den Schlüsseln (Power Of The Keys) By Martin Luther

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Whole Proceedings On The Trial Of An Information Exhibited Ex Offico By The King's Attorney-General Against Thomas Paine Taken In Short-Hand, The By Joseph Gurney

Works — Moral & Political By Thomas Hobbes

Works Of Seneca By Seneca


Zwo Predig Uber Der Leich Des Kurfursten Hertzog Johans Zu Sachsen By Martin Luther

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