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Publication Date: 1511

Caesar, Caius Julius (102-44 B.C.), the great Roman soldier and statesman, was born on the 12th of July 102 B.C. His family was of patrician rank and traced a legendary descent from Ilulus, the founder of Alba. Seven books appear to have been written in 51 B.C. and carry the narrative of the Gallic campaigns down to the close of the previous year (the eighty book, written by A. Hirtius, is a supplement relating the events of 51-50 B.C.), while the three books "De bello civili" record the struggle between Caesar and Pompey. The verdict of historians on Caesar has always been colored by their political sympathies. Few men, indeed, have partaken as freely of the inspiration of genius as Julius Caesar, few have suffered more disastrously from its illusions. #0049

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